Our Strength

Best quality of products
Further Tests are carried out all along the production chain till the finished product which guarantees a top quality of our yarns.
Regular testing of our Yarn
The POLYYARN manufactured in our factory is tested within our Labaratory to measure the tenacity,elongation and also the titer,to ensure the stable quality of our Yarn.
Perfection is our motto
Our Quality is well equipped with all Modern Testing Equipments. We deliver our product on ‘Best Quality –Price ratio’.
Delivery on time
Most of the Offered Products are available in stock in order to provide the fastest delivery. We are flexible in quantities as well

About Polyyarn

We, the ‘POLYYARN’ team, are one of the modern growing companies, manufacturing of FDY Polypropylene Multifilament Yarn (PPMFY) located at Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.  We have started the manufacturing of medium and high tenacity PP Multifilament Yarn in various types, colors, twist and the intermingled. Our Medium and High Tenacity Yarn is manufactured under latest technologically sophisticated advanced machinery (AUSTROFIL-SML) under the well-experienced staff.